Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tui Mavana and Sau kei Mualevu Title

Mualevu Chiefly history - 10 July 2008
I WISH to correct a few things published already on the Tui Mavana (FT 3/7).

It is correct that Ratu Josefa Basulu is yet to be traditionally installed as the Tui Mavana.

Ratu Josefa is the eldest in the Nasima family of Mualevu. As the eldest, he is entitled to be called Sau kei Mualevu.

The title of Tui Mavana was initially given by the chief of Mavana to the chief of Lomaji in Mualevu, who then handed the title to the chief of Mualevu.

Later, the chief of Mualevu was installed by the people of Mavana at A place called Buli-ya.

In regards to the superiority of the two titles, the Sau kei Mualevu and the Tui Mavana are related and relevant depending on the situation observed.

The title Sau was bestowed on the eldest of the Nasima family who left Vuna in Taveuni and went to Mualevu in Vanua Balavu. Traditionally, the Sau kei Mualevu was the headchief of all the islands in the Somosomo group.

However, Finau Soko's observation on Ratu Josefa's claim as Tui Mavana, should be considered together with the current move in light of the present situation in Fiji.

Mosese Uluicicia Sasala

Funny matter - 3 July 2008
IT is a laughing matter for the Mualevu tikina to hear that Josefa Basulu has claimed that he has been traditionally installed as Tui Mavana.

He is not the title holder of the Tui Mavana and he is from the family of the Sau kei Mualevu and none of the Sau kei Mualevu have ever been traditionally installed, not even his father, since that title had come from Vuna in Taveuni. When that title was to change from Sau mai Vuna to Sau kei Mualevu, there was never any traditional installation.

Secondly, it must be known that these two titles are not the same.

They are two different chiefs altogether and thirdly Basulu knows the reason why the people of Mualevu will not install him as their high chief because there is some other who has got higher ranking than him and their families but they seem to be pushed aside by none other but Basulu and his family.

The sad thing is that these two titles are from the same family but the real kai Mualevu will know that the Tui Mavana is superior than the Sau kei Mualevu.

Finau Soko


  1. Vosota Maiqereqere,
    Na tikina oqo, a sega ni bau vakadewa taki mai sobu mai. Ena gauna ni carasala ki Bau na Turaga na Sau Mai Vuna o Ratu Ilaitia Makaba (OBE) a ia na lako ki Bau ka sega ki Motoriki. E Dina ni tiko na sala ni veiwekani e Motoriki ia esega ga ni kenai balebale ni ratou lewa na kena mai vaka tokari na i tutu vaka vanua e Vuna aya na Sau Ni Vanua o Vuna kei na Tui Vuna.

    Oqo na kena keimami kila tu.

    "That duty rests with the chief of Nacamaki who performs it on behalf of the Yavusaratu clan (the descendants of Degei) which has its roots in Verata and not Bau."

  2. As a child of my beloved Vanua O Vuna Nasima, my solemn duty is to love, pray, protect & be kind to my Vanua, it's children & it's relatives & extended descendants & it's land. I take extra care not to say things that will only cause disruptive or negative words that only promotes tensions & wounds that takes a decade to heal. My Vanua O Vuna must stand strong. Be Intelligent in what we do, say or treat one another. Since at the end of each day, our actions speaks louder than words. For me as a child of MY VANUA O VUNA-NASIMA. Blood is thicker than water & if I hurt someone who is born of VUNA, then I am hurting myself. Dou sa bula va'a ca na wekaqu mai na Vanua O Vuna-mai na Yatu Lau E Cake & all my extended relatives across Fiji & the World. Let us appreciate, protect & love each other because Our VANUA O VUNA MUST & is the way the WORLD SHOULD BE.

  3. Well, I read all your comments, I'm related to the Tui Vuna family. If you are arguing about who is going to install the Tui Vuna title, think again, it lies with Ratu Eroni Qiodravu's children, Ratu Emosi or Ratu Radrodoro or the other family members because we all know that if one chief dies, the next blood relation takes the title, otherwise you all do not want end up in court for installing the wrong person. The Yavusaratu's are the ruling clan in Vuna for they are also Lutunasobasoba's descendant.

  4. I meant that the tribe who's Yavusa is Yavusaratu are the ruling clan in Vuna..