Thursday, July 10, 2008

Province records highest fish catch

Province records highest fish catch - 7/10/2008

An island province with the highest number of marine protected areas in Fiji has recorded the highest volume of fish bought from its Fisheries Center compared to the other centers around the country.
Kadavu has 48 marine protected (tabu) areas - the highest number among the 216 sites in Fiji. Vunisea fisheries officer Aporosa Rabo said they had seen the benefit of having restricted areas by the increase in the number of fish sold to their Rural Fisheries Service Centre.

“Kadavu had the highest in all of Fiji last year and this is the indicator of the volume of fish," he said. He also said many of the restricted fish species such as varivoce or humphead wrasse and turtles were being seen in those areas.

“This was revealed through our meetings with those who have MPAs - on the high volume of these species of fish," he said.

“And the common turtles seen in the area are the hawksbill and the green turtles.

“Also the chances of turtles coming in are high because of how their areas include the foreshore. Sandy beaches are where turtles lay their eggs."

Mr Rabo said there so much fish in the restricted areas that some had to go out and live outside these areas.

The main reason for these sites is to have a place for fish to feed, live, reproduce, grow and be safe from fishermen.

He said the centre assisted local fishermen by buying their fish so that they did not have to send their catch all the way to Suva.

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