Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lau Council Leadership

Traditional leadership

I AGREE with Paula Vuli (FT 4/7).
Letter to Editor - - 10 July 2008

It seems the Lauan delegates at the Draiba meeting experienced first-hand the change in traditional leadership style from veivakaturagataki to the contemporary one of intimidation and coercion.

The stiff-arm voting tactics by the new chairman, Ratu Uluilakeba Mara, reflect this.

So, it did not come as a surprise that the delegates of Ono Island preferred to stay out of the meeting.

Other delegates may have been cowed into submission well before the meeting.

By now, Lauans around the country would have had time to reflect and digest on the new traditional style of leadership.

It is a self destructive one that will lead nowhere.

Ulai Taoi

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