Thursday, July 10, 2008

Naitasiri Chief to be Evicted

Chief wants reason for eviction - 7/9/2008

A landowner and chief is awaiting reason why he should vacate the land he occupies with his church group.
Ratu Loco Qiolevu said lawyers for the Matanikutu clan of Tamavua village were yet to give him a good reason why he should vacate the land.

“All we are doing here is carrying on with our lives. Yes, we worship here but no one is going to move me and my God from this place,” he said.

Ratu Loco is part of the One World Church which has its church based in Cunningham.

“I am a landowner and a direct descendant of the Qaranivalu (Naitasiri paramount chief),’’ he said.


  1. Since when has the council or the Govt of Fiji owned any land in Suva that has already been claimed by residing Fijians who have a legit right on their own turf.Got any evidence?

  2. Dua na siga e na qui kilai ni ra mai tiko kece vaka i lawa na tiko e Suva.Se warai me dua me valatake na dina baleta na nomudou vanua na wekaqu na tiko e Suva.Sa voleka sara.Sama dua na ka mo ni mai vakatalai tale vana nomunuiu vanua.Ra koi vai valu!