Thursday, April 29, 2004


Elders of two very close clans linked to the late Tui Nayau Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara have ironed out their differences on who are the Tui Nayau's rightful warriors.Groups of people from Yadrana and Kabara who have been guarding the body of the late president exchanged strong words inside Government House premises regarding the issue. The argument went to the extreme with some warriors involved in a punch up. 

It is understood the people of Kabara are linked to the Turaga na Tui Nayau via their traditional role in the entire Lau group as warriors of the Tui Lau. History states that one of the past Tui Laus escaped an attempt on his life from his enemies and fled to Kabara. The people of Kabara defeated the enemies of the Tui Lau. The Tui Lau then declared the Kabara people to be his warriors after protecting him from the enemies.

To this date, the people of Kabara have been obligated as the traditional protector, or the 'Bati Leka', who are very close to the Tui Nayau.Yadrana is one of the seven villages in the island of Lakeba. The others are Tubou ( which is the home of the late Ratu Mara), Waitabu, Nasaqalau, Levuka, Waciwaci and Vakano.

These villages have different roles to play in relation to their chiefs. Some are obligated as kitchen hands, traditional craftsmen's and fishermen. Levuka people were assigned the special tasks of constructing the Tui Nayau's tomb, while Yadrana villagers have been carrying out the warrior roles since they are close to each other.Tubou village is closely situated to Yadrana village. Regarding the confrontation at Government House early this week, some elders say it's a matter of dialogue because it's a traditional obligation. They say everything has been sorted out after elders agreed for both parties to work together.