Thursday, July 10, 2008

Church leader to visit prisons

Church leader to visit prisons - 7/9/2008

Methodist Church president Reverend Laisiasa Ratabacaca is to visit the country’s two biggest prisons at the invitation of the Prisons Commissioner Ioane Naivalurua.
It is understood that the purpose of his visit to the Suva and Naboro Prisons was to mend the relationship of the vanua and the church.

Mr Naivalurua said at least 41 per cent of the inmates belonged to the church.

He said Ren Ratabacaca would be briefed at the Prisons Headquarters before proceeding on the tour to Naboro prison where he would be shown the maximum and minimum cells.

Mr Naivalurua said this is part of the prisons rehabilitation plans and work towards enhancing a better communication and future for those who will be released from time to time.

Rev Ratabacaca said he accepted the invitation by Mr Naivalurua with sincerity as it was to familiarise himself with the prison environment. He will be talking to the inmates and sharing words of encouragement.

Mr Naivalurua said from Naboro prison, they would then visit women prisoners at the Suva Prison.

He said the visit was part of the rehabilitation programmes which followed the Yellow Ribbon project.

The Yellow Ribbon project is a rehabilitation programme for ex-offenders that was launched on June 27.

It is focussed on the belief that there are no bad people and that rehabilitation programmes can be developed to assist in the re-integration of ex-offenders back into society, allowing them to live normal lives.

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