Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moce Islanders raise project funds

by Geraldine Panapasa

Fiji Times - Friday, June 18, 2010
HUNDREDS of people gathered at Sukuna Park in Suva yesterday to celebrate Moce Day and raise much-needed funds to secure land on the island for the construction of a community hall.
The men and women performed traditional dances including meke, lakalaka, seasea and vakamalolo while others were dressed in different kalavata to represent the island's four mataqali.
Organiser Tataka Sigaca Buadromo said they had a target of about $40,000.
"This is an annual event and the main idea is to secure land on Moce and build a community hall that can house our people who come for visits from outside the island," he said.
"The event was opened by Moce community members in America and will be closed by those living in Australia today.
"We managed to raise $17,000 and we still have one day to fundraise to reach our target."
Mr Buadromo said Moce community members from all over Fiji travelled to the capital city to join in the fundraising event.
He said the two-day event enabled families and relatives to meet and greet each other.
"Our chief Ramasi Tui Moce Setareki Malupo was here to celebrate Moce Day," Mr Buadromo said. "Members from the different mataqali prepared meals and brought it with them to share.
"Some people did their own private selling."
He said the islanders have been fundraising for the project since last year.

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