Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Draft village by-laws addresses clothing and hairstyle

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation -  June 03, 2010

The first draft of the proposed village by-laws is proposing that women must not wear pants or tie their hair in villages.

This was confirmed to FBC News by Kisoko Cagituevei of the Prime Ministers Office.

Cagituevei who is currently discussing the first draft with villagers in Vanua levu says the proposal was welcomed by people in the district of Wainunu, Bua.

Other proposals include not shouldering your towel or wearing a hat while in the village vicinity. The work of the village headman, the role of a chief, and how to address criminal activities is also discussed in the draft.

Cagituevei says the by law is appropriate for our people living in villages.

One of the reasons for the proposed by-laws is that certain ‘unwanted’ activities and behaviour only found in urban areas have invaded rural villages.

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