Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Illegal Fiji PM Calls for Land Changes

Fiji Sun News - 01 July 2010

  • Watch this! This is precisely what Fijians fear - the illegal regime now making it easy to decide on the use and misuse of native land. What he has done is to politicise the management of native land by replacing the President who is supposed to be above politics with himself thereby subsuming decisions about native land to suit his political agenda.
  • OOps then again, may well not be much difference at the moment!! The President just so happens as well to be illegal and highly political anyway so the difference is insignificant to say the least.
  • But alas, Fijians have better watch out now as decisions about native land have now come directly under the authority of this illegal and dictatorial regime to do whatever they like with it. 
  • If any Fijian soldier and land owner in the regime's military need any convincing about the corrupt intentions of the regime, look no further. You all now have a good reason to do whatever is necessary to rid this illegal regime and restore democracy to Fiji and its people and land owners. To wait is to allow this illegal regime to sell out Fijian land to the highest bidders to fund the bloated Budget of the illegal regime. 
  • Remember, the Chinese and other Asian investors, and yes lately, the Arabs also are in the illegal PM's pocket and lining up to get a parcel of native Fijian land.
  • What the illegal PM has done is make it much more easy and in an underhand way to achieve his evil intentions.

Cabinet yesterday approved the Native Land Trust (Amendment) Decree 2010 and the Fijian Affairs (Amendment) Decree 2010. 

The decision was based on a submission by the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

He said Native Land Trust (Amendment) Decree 2010 repeals and replaces section 3(1) of the Native Land Trust Act, thereby changing the membership of the NLTB board as follows:
(a) the Minister as Chairman;
(b) five members, all of whom must be members of indigenous land owning units, appointed by the Minister responsible for Indigenous Affairs;
(c) three members appointed by the Indigenous Affairs Board from a list of nominees submitted by provincial councils to the Indigenous Affairs Board.
(d) two other members, appointed by the Minister.

He said the Native Land Trust (Amendment) Decree 2010 also made consequential changes to section 18 of the Native Land Trust Act, to give the Minister, rather than the President, the power to set aside land as native reserves.

“In addition, a new section is inserted to ensure that all documents of the NLTB, which contain any reference to the President, are amended accordingly be removing any reference to the President and replacing it with a reference to the Minister.”

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