Saturday, June 5, 2010

Macuata to kKep their Culture

by Theresa Ralogaivau

Fiji Times - Sunday, June 06, 2010
TO avoid a situation where they become strangers in their own land, Macuata chiefs have resolved to take cultural preservation to a new level.
Following the footsteps taken by the people of Bua, Macuata is also proposing to stage a festival to showcase different cultural dances and songs, and other traditional habits unique to its 12 districts.
Roko Tui Macuata Sitiveni Lalibuli said cultural erosion had reached a state in the province with many habits fast dying out due to non use.
A provincial office delegation led by Mr Lalibuli attended the Bula Re Festival of arts and culture in Bua
"The Fijian race is the most unique in the world because when a baby is born he already belong to a certain mataqali, vanua, province and will inherit certain amount of land and so forth," he said.
"Additionally the habits and cultural practices clearly set the indigenous race apart. "But the distinction is becoming blurry as most indigenous live the modern way and have forgotten their traditions and cultural practices and very soon will become strangers in their own land."
Sevu or offering of the first crop to chiefs and traditional rulers is also being enforced in the districts.
Mr Lalibuli said these were habits that were once religiously practised but were hardly observed these days.

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