Friday, October 8, 2010

Newly-Installed Vunivalu of Natewa says Forgive and Forget

Forgive and forget: Chief

Serafina Silaitoga

Fiji Times - Saturday, October 09, 2010
THE newly-installed Vunivalu of Natewa, Ratu Amenatape Belo, yesterday urged his people to reconcile, put the past behind and work together towards a successful future.
The district of Natewa began a new chapter yesterday as they installed a Vunivalu after 35 years.
Ratu Amenatape's father, Ratu Ropate Rakuita, was the last Vunivalu traditionally installed by the people of Natewa in 1974.
According to family members, the chiefs who led Natewa after the death of Ratu Ropate were not traditionally installed.
The villagers packed Natewa Village grounds to witness the installation.
Ratu Amenatape told his people he would work with them to ensure a good future for the younger generation.
He said forgiveness needed to happen to help pave the way forward for the district.
In their presentation to their chief, the people asked him to always seek God's guidance, saying that without God, nothing was possible.
The 11 villages in the district spent months preparing for the traditional ceremony.
Traditional warriors surrounded the village boundary, ensuring that no one moved around during the ceremony.
Ratu Amenatape Belo is married with five children.

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