Monday, October 18, 2010

Ex-president attacks Methodist church leadership

FBC News - 19 October 2010
Report by : Savaira Tabua

Former Methodist Church President Reverend Josateki Koroi has attacked the current church leadership for lacking vision and failing to develop effective plans for the future. 

In a sermon at Davuilevu last Sunday Reverend Koroi called on church members to look into the church vision and direction, and the way it is collecting and spending money. 

He pointed to the decision by the church to collect $600,000 for the upgrade of Baker Hall in Davuilevu as sign of the lack of vision and inability of church leaders to develop future plans. 

Reverend Koroi says there were many church elders and talatalas driving around in 4 wheel drive Pajeros worth hundreds of thousands of dollars – and asked what was the vision they had for the church – and what foundations they were laying for the future. 

Rev Koroi says taking money from church members will only make them suffer. 

He says a vision was required to ensure the effective management of church affairs.

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