Sunday, May 23, 2010

Namosi provincial Council begins consultations

Fiji Village News - 24 May 2010

The Namosi provincial Council has begun week long consultations relating to the proposed village by-laws.

Roko Tui Namosi, Sakiusa Karavaki confirmed that their officials will visit the five Tikinas namely Naqarawai, Wainikoroluve, Veinuqa, Namosi and Veivatuloa to gather their submissions.

Karavaki highlighted that one of the submissions that was raised at their meeting which has been taken on board is the liqour drinking in the villages.

Another submission is the approval from the Health Ministry on how the houses in the villages are constructed which should be strong enough when cyclone strikes.

Last week the Roko Tui and assistant Roko Tui of Namosi and Serua met and discussed about the proposed village by-laws.

Meanwhile the Proposed Village By-laws are expected to feature prominently in the two day Cakaudrove provincial council meeting.

Chairman of the Cakaudrove Provincial Council, Emitai Boladuadua said that with the deadline set for the end of next month, all the tikina heads from around the province are expected to debate the proposed by-laws.

The Cakaudrove Provincial Meeting was supposed to be held in Somosomo Village in Taveuni but as a result of the impact of Hurricane Tomas, the two day meeting was shifted to Savusavu.

Meanwhile, the hosting village of Yaroi revealed that they will be catering for a total of 70 people for the two day meeting which will be held this Wednesday and Thursday.

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