Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mataqali calls for proper surveys

by Ifereimi Nadore

Fiji Times - Wednesday, May 05, 2010
A LANDOWNING unit in Tailevu has called on government and the Native Land Trust Board to conduct a proper survey for the landowners on any of their land allocated for development to avoid disputes.
The mataqali Navukuta of Namau, Naloto said that by having a proper survey, it would avoid any dispute on land boundaries.
This followed a dispute over a piece of land where a local company extracted gravel from to be used for the construction of the Lodoni Highway. Two mataqali Narocake and Ulugai of Dakuinuku Village in Sawakasa claim to own the gravel extracted from the site but this was disputed by the mataqali of Navukuta.
Last week a member of the mataqali Navukuta chased workers from the site, saying they were trespassing.
Head of the mataqali Navukuta Tevita Tamanisau said while all the mataqali agreed to have their land used for development, it would only be proper to clearly identify their boundaries to avoid any dispute. He said members of the mataqali Navukuta wanted the workers to stop extracting gravel unless government and the NLTB stepped in to identify the boundaries.
Mr Tamanisau said NLTB, Lands Departments and the Native Lands Commission differed in classifying the boundaries.
"From what we know, rivers and creeks are being used as boundaries to separate two landowning units.
"Now that the river has changed its course it's not clear how the boundaries will be affected," he said.
No comments could be obtained from authorities.

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