Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chiefly Positions to be Confirmed

Fiji Broadacasting Corporation, May 27, 2010 

It is important that indigenous people confirm with their chiefs if development in the rural areas are to progress as required by the present Government.

This was the message given to the people of Cakaudrove by Assistant Permanent Secretary in the Indigenous Ministry, Col Apakuki Kurusiga when opening the Cakaudrove Provincial Council meeting at Yaro Village in Nasavusavu this morning.

Col Kurusiga told the delegates at the meeting that this is an issue not only Cakaudrove is falling behind in, but it is the whole of Fiji.

He said the issue will involve meetings of village people, the Native Land Commission and the Ministry if those that were chosen were confirmed by Government.

Col Kurusiga said that out of the 1,233 Yavusa Heads only 653 have been confirmed and of the 4324 Mataqali heads only half have been confirmed.

In the Province of Cakaudrove, Col Kurusiga said only 42 of the 98 heads of Yavusas have been confirmed by Government and only 133 of the 358 Mataqali heads have been confirmed.

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