Saturday, July 3, 2010

Register with NLC

by Reijeli Kikau

Fiji Times - Saturday, July 03, 2010
THERE are seven disputed landowning unit title holders being looked into by the Native Lands Commission, says chairman Ratu Viliame Tagivetaua.
He said these were pending disputes.
"We are working on seven cases and once completed, a decision will be announced on the rightful title holder," he said.
Ratu Viliame said they had an annual budget of $20,000 allocated for solving disputed title holders.
As of April, 2496 heads of landowning units or turaga ni mataqali from the 14 provinces have not registered with the Native Lands Commission , he said.
Ratu Viliame said only 1830 had registered so far and others had to register to receive their lease monies.
"Our staff are conducting awareness programes and we are liaising with the Roko Tui on the issue," he said.
He said to register, the turaga ni mataqali had to produce a letter signed by all mataqali members confirming their appointment as head of their landowning unit. A confirmation letter would then be sent to the Native Land Trust Board on the issue.
Ratu Viliame said the confirmation letter would allow the turaga ni mataqali to receive their share of monies as title holders during the lease payments every month.
Native Land Trust Board General Manager Alipate Qetaki said he would comment on the issue later.

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