Friday, July 30, 2010

Fijian Affairs Ministry changes name to "Itaukei"

FBC News - July 31, 2010

The Ministry of Fijian Affairs will now be officially known as the Ministry of I-taukei

The change comes following amendments made to the Fijian Affairs Decree 2010.

It states that all written laws, including any promulgations, decrees and the titles of any written law be amended by deleting the word ‘Fijian’ and replacing it with ‘i-taukei.’

 Likewise, wherever the word ‘indigenous Fijian’ is used it is to be replaced by ‘i-taukei.’

Government says the legal framework within which the Ministry operates remains the same in terms of covering the Itaukei Affairs Act and Regulations, the Native Lands & Fisheries Commission Act, and the Native Lands Act.

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