Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rewa Bridge Landmark to be Assessed

Fiji Times - Friday, April 09, 2010

The Ministry of Works has hired a consultant to assess the structure of the old Rewa Bridge.
This was confirmed by Ministry of Work's spokeswoman Sainiana Waqainabete who said a company was hired for $200,000.
"The ministry has appointed a consultant called Roughton International, they will assess the capabilities of the structures on the old bridge. Concurrent activities will also be taking place whereby engineers are identifying some locations where the bridge's structures can be used.
"The hired company will also work on whether the old structures could be matched to other locations. The assessment report will be released and a tender to dismantle the old bridge will be issued around June this year. Parts which will not be useful purpose will be sold for scrap use," Ms Waqainabete said.
Though the ministry has announced the dismantling, villagers of Nausori are still hopeful the bridge will be left untouched as a historic landmark.
Komai Nausori Ratu Meli Balenaivalu said such a proposal was discussed by the Tailevu Provincial Council last year and it was submitted to the Government.
"We believe the old Rewa Bridge will be a good tourist attraction. Nausori Village was situated where the market and the police station are now. We shifted here in 1935 because the government wanted to build the bridge. The works on the bridge began in 1936 and was opened in 1937," Ratu Meli said.
He said the villagers were hoping for a positive feedback. Ratu Meli said the bridge could be developed into a handicraft market.
"The villagers can sell their handicraft and this will help them earn income for their families. The main reason why the Government wants to dismantle it is because of the high maintenance cost," he said.

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  1. I agree, save the old bridge, have a Architectural Competition and build a amazing structure on the solid foundations, Every day 100's if not 1,00o's use it to cross to town.