Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dont forget the younger generation - Ro Teimumu

Fiji Village News - 28 April 2010

Rewa High Chief Ro Temumu Kepa has called on leaders in the province not to forget the younger generation and to ensure that more women are given scholarships from the provincial scholarship fund.

Addressing the various Mata ni tikina=s as well as Government representatives at the Rewa Provincial Council meet at Suvaou village today, Ro Temumu praised the setting up of the Scholarship provision in 2007 up until now.

She added that the young children of Rewa have been able to get good education and many of them now occupy good posts.

However, she adds that out of the total number of scholarships only 46.75 percent has been given to girls and calls for them to consider giving more emphasis to girls as they are the ones who are very disadvantaged in society.

She said that the education of women is important as they are the ones that raise the future generation and more needs to be done for them.

Ro Temumu also said at the recent Pacific Food summit, it was revealed that malaria and mal-nutrition was an issue as the mothers were not aware of the right type of food to eat and this could have been avoided if the ladies had a good education.

The Rewa Provincial council meeting at Suvavou Village will end tommorrow.

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