Sunday, February 21, 2010

Village acts on dress

Theresa Ralogaivau

Fiji Times - Monday, February 22, 2010

A BUA village plans to formulate strict dress rules, behaviour and hairstyles for the villagers as they prepare for their biggest development so far.

Aurum Exploration (Fiji) Limited is expected to commence mining hills near the village this year.

Nawailevu villagers won't be allowed to wear their hair in garish, radical or ultra-modern styles.

A meeting of the chiefs and development committee agreed bauxite mining, which is expected to get underway near the village this year, mustn't erode traditions and customs.

Committee member Josefa Rokoduna said they would learn from the lessons of other villagers where developments took place.

"We know that a price of development is the loss of tradition and customs and we are working hard so that doesn't happen to us," Mr Rokoduna said. "The chiefs have decided bauxite mining will take as little from our lives as possible.

"We will come up with a set of rules that villagers have to abide by including our visitors."

The rules to be formulated at a meeting next month will be sent to the provincial council and the police.

"Women must wear skirts and dresses and sulu-i-ra for traditional functions while the men must dress decently," Mr Rokoduna said.

Visitors won't be allowed to move around the village without the permission of the headman.

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