Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vanua Way Gets Chop - NLTB GM

Fiji Sun - 10 February 2010

The Native Land Trust Board wants landowners to take full part in commercial activities, including land development.

General manager Alipate Qetaki said this would be a priority following the liquidation of Vanua Development Corporation Limited.

Vanua Development Corporation Limited was the controversial commercial and investment arm of the board.

It was established to provide maximum rewards for indigenous land owners on the use of their land.

Vanua Development Corporation Limited is winding up voluntarily and is seeking a liquidator.

Mr Qetaki said there were other options for Native Land Trust Board to follow in order to fulfill the objectives of Vanua Development Corporation.

“Incorporating a company like Vanua Development Corporation Limited to carry out commercial activities for the Native Land Trust Board is only one option,” he said.

“There are other options which can be followed to address the same objectives and produce the desired outcomes.

“Empowering the landowners to fully participate in commercial activities including land developments is a priority option.

“This links with government’s roadmap for implementing of measures for reform and change in the financial and commercial sectors for the landowners.”

Mr Qetaki said the Native Land Trust Board was working with the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs on the implementation of policies to help landowners.

“The Native Land Trust Board is working closely with the Indigenous Affairs on the implementation strategies of measures to mainstream landowner’s issues in all aspects of Fiji’s economic life and development so that they benefit greatly through the economic growth that are expected to follow,” he said.

Liquidation will be completed by June

Fiji Sun - 10 February 2010

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