Thursday, October 8, 2009

Warning on Fijian Culture

Guide warns on culture - Thursday, October 08, 2009

GENUINE Fijian culture attracts tourists, says Tui Tai Adventure cruise guide Losefati Ligairi.

Ms Ligairi, who has spent 20 years in the industry, told villagers in Taveuni during a visit with tourists that genuine Fijian culture included the yaqona ceremony and its traditional dress.

"In many Fijian villages today, most villagers no longer perform the genuine ceremony, or wear the (correct) clothing, so we have asked the villagers to maintain that touch of the culture.

"It is very important for the villagers and the indigenous community to maintain the culture passed down to us by our ancestors because this is what attracts tourists to our shores."

She said in some occasions he had visited villagers and asked them to wear genuine meke dress and traditional ceremony wear.

Wearing a lei of frangipani on our heads or having a flower on one side of our hair is not Fijian, she said.

"The real Fijian way is to tuck a Fijian comb in the back of our hair and wear masi cloth for the kava ceremony," Ms Ligairi said.

"The villagers have responded well," she said.

Tui Tai Cruise owner Tige Young said the Fijian villages in the areas of Cakaudrove had supported cruise activities over the past seven years of operation.

"We have worked well with the villagers and our relationship has strengthened over the years," Mr Young said.

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