Thursday, October 8, 2009

Common Fijian Phrases

Say It In Fijian

No stay in Fiji is complete without learning some Fijian words. The best way for you to learn Fijian and Hindi is to converse with a local. Not only will you learn a new language, you will also make a lifelong friend. Here’s a few hints about pronunciation - an essential part of Fijian and Hindi. The vowels in the Fijian language are pronounced the same as in English but the Fijian language also comprises of the following consonants - b is mb as in bamboo, c is th as in that, d is nd as in candy, j is ch as in church, g is ng as in singing, q is ngg as in great. In Hindi, the vowels are pronounced as follows: a is long as in master; e is long as in wet, I is pronounced as e like reef, o as in wow, u as in run.

Here are just some words that you might want to try out:

Hello (casual)Bula (Boo-lah)
Hello (formal)Ni sa bula (Nee Sah Boo-lah)
Good morning Ni sa yadra (Nee Sah Yarn-drah)
PleaseKerekere (Cayraycayray)
Thank you/goodVinaka (vee-nakha)
YesIo (ee-oh)
NoSega (Seng-gah)
EatKana (kah-nah)
Lady/womanMarama (Mmah-raam-mah)
Gone (Ngo-ne)
SmallLailai (Lie-lie)
LargeLevu (Lay-voo)
A little Vakalailai
A lotVakalevu
House Vale/bure(Val-lay/Boo-ray)
ComeLako mai
(Lah-koh my)
Go away Lako tani
Goodbye (informal) Moce(Mow-they)
Bring it Kauta mai
Take it away(Cow-tah my)
Kauta tani(Cow-tah-tah-nee)
One moreDua tale (Doo-ah tah-ley)
OneDua (Doo-ah)
TwoRua (Rooh-ah)
DrinkGunu (Ngoo-noo)
ChurchVale ni lotu (Vah-ley nee low-too)
CoconutNiu (New)
Shop/Store Sitoa(See-toh-ah)-(store)
Earth ovenLovo (Low-voh)
SarongSulu (Sue-loo)

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