Sunday, May 25, 2008

My removal was all planned: Chief

My removal was all planned: Chief
Last updated 5/26/2008

Great Council of Chiefs taskforce chairman Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo alleged that members of his provincial council had conspired to remove him from the province’s chairmanship position. Speaking to the Fiji Sun yesterday, Ratu Josateki said it was obvious that people within the Kadavu Provincial Council wanted him removed.
“The thing is that there were people who wanted me out,” the Kadavu high chief said.
“It was obvious that it was all planned and I was not surprised when I was voted out as chairman.”
Ratu Josateki admitted that the people of Kadavu had wanted him out because of his connection with the interim government and this was one disadvantage he had to face when he was chairman. “The disadvantage is being misunderstood for the political stance that I took. I work with whatever government that is in power. Right now the interim government is in power and they’re going to call the shots and people don’t understand this.”
He said the onus is now in the hands of the new appointees to prove that they can lead the council the way he had done for six years.
“I feel sorry for them because now they will have to prove themselves,” Ratu Josateki said.
“I hope they will and they must now think of themselves as the leader of the people and be responsible in their ways. Leaders go out to serve and not to be served. I have never asked for anything from the province. “I get peanuts out of my work when I was chairman but I was proud to lead because it was a traditional obligation.” Despite all this, Ratu Josateki said he is relieved that a responsibility had been taken away from him and he now concentrates on his work as the head of the GCC taskforce.
“Now I’m no longer leading at the provincial level but I can now concentrate on my task at national level, it is probably the time for me to move on,” said Ratu Josateki.
Under Ratu Josateki’s leadership, the province was able to construct the Kadavu House and he also was able to bail the province’s shipping vessel out its huge debt which saved chiefs from the province who had signed as its guarantor. Newly appointed council chairman Ratu Varani Rayawa said he was not sure that people had conspired against Ratu Josateki.
“I can’t say much because I’m not sure what the people of Kadavu think about this but all I know that the people of Kadavu believes that it is time for change,” he added.

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