Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kadavu rejects charter, delays GCC

Thursday, May 22, 2008 -

Kadavu has rejected outright the Peoples Charter and have delayed a decision on the newlook Great Council of Chiefs.

Deputy Chairman of the Kadavu provincial Council relayed the decision after a meeting of traditional leaders at Samabula this morning.

He said the issue of the newlook GCC would await the outcome of a High Court legal challenge by suspended GCC members is completed.

Relaying the decision to the chiefs of Kadavu yesterday new Deputy Chairman Alikisadra Naisoro said in Kadavu the buck stopped with the chiefs.

Chiefs discuss new-look GCC
Thursday, May 22, 2008

THE 14 chiefs of Kadavu met yesterday to discuss their stand on whether or not to join the new-look Great Council of Chiefs.

Roko Tui Kadavu, Osipate Tuicakau confirmed that the chiefs would say their verdict to the GCC taskforce team today.

The chiefs meeting or the bose vanua which was to be held at yesterday afternoon at the Fijian Teachers Association boardroom in Knollys Street, Suva, was cancelled at the 11th hour.

The chiefs from the nine district of Kadavu did not disclose to the media their meeting venue by yesterday afternoon. The GCC taskforce team will be led by Ratu Josetaki Nawalowalo, the former Kadavu provincial chairman.

Ratu Josateki who was chairing the Kadavu provincial council for the last six years lost the chairmanship to his close relative, Ratu Varani Rayawa.

Ratu Josateki confirmed that they would present at Jubilee Hall today and the the council would also hear from the National Council for Building a Better Fiji officials.

Naisoro: Kadavu is least developed
Thursday, May 22, 2008

KADAVU contributes much to the economy yet it is the least developed province in Fiji.

These were the sentiments of Kadavu Provincial Council's new deputy chairman and Kadavu-based businessman Alikisadra Naisoro.

Mr Naisoro was appointed unopposed to the position of deputy chairman after he missed out on the position of chairman which went to Ratu Varani Raiyawa the Takalai Nakasaleka and outgoing deputy chairman.

Mr Naisoro, one of the largest yaqona farmers in his district of Ravitaki, said he wanted to concentrate his efforts as deputy chairman on developing the lives of people on the island.

"I will not take a political stand in this position and whichever Government comes in I will ask them to help in developing the island for our people," he said.

The former Rewa Rice chief executive and university graduate said he was happy to be appointed as deputy chairman.

He said he would have preferred that a chairman resided on Kadavu as that was where all the development efforts were being held and that he lived on the islands and would help to influence some important decisions.

"I am a Kadavu grog farmer currently I am the chairman of the Ravitaki Tikina Council.

"I will not take sides whichever government comes in and I will ask them to support development for our people."

He said it was important that the same officials who ran Government services on Kadavu were present at the meetings so they could effectively gauge the progress of development programmes on the island.

"In our meetings the norm is that issues sa kau cake (have been taken up) this meeting will be held in May and the next will be in December. The usual response we get in the follow up meetings would be sa kau cake so for eight months you mean to tell me se kau cake tikoga (we are still taking it up)."

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