Monday, November 1, 2010

Cakaudrove recommends banishment under bylaws


Some villages from Cakaudrove have proposed at the Provincial Council meeting last week that the end result of someone not adhering to the village bylaws after three consecutive warnings is that the person will be told to leave the village.

Roko Tui Cakaudrove Ro Aca Mataitini said discussions were held at length on this, and a villager will be told to leave, if all avenues to try and help him change, are not followed.

Concerns were also raised on issues like the dress code in the village and the consumption of alcohol, and the penalties to be given.

It was agreed that the “Turaga-ni-Koro” should report anyone drinking in the village, or anyone who enters the village drunk and is disturbing the villagers, to the police. 

With regards to dress code, Ro Aca stressed that the way people dress depicts the kind of people they are, and anyone entering the village should respect the dress code there.

He added that the main issue with the bylaws is for the government, the Provincial Council and the village chiefs in all the provinces to work together, as this will be the only way to move forward.

Story by: Selina Navuso

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