Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NLTB Employment not for Fijians Only

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, March 02, 2010

People of all races can be employed at the Native Land Trust Board, it has been clarified.

The NLTB Board made the decision at its bi-monthly meeting last week, to clear perceptions that only indigenous Fijians can work for the NLTB.

General Manager Alipate Qetaki says all future recruitments will be merit based and open to all races.

"Up to now there has been a perception that NLTB only employs individuals of the ethnic Fijian race or indigenous race although history tells us in the past there have been employees of the NLTB who are non Taukei," said Qetaki.

"So I am not quite sure whether there was a definite policy to recruit only the Tauke to work for Native Land Trust Board."

"I believe the policy that the Board has now agreed to is a clarification and also to ensure that the recruitment policy is in line with Government’s recruitment policy," he said.

"Recruitment to the Public Service for instance, is based on merit."

The new policy comes into effect right away with the re-advertisement of the positions of Board Secretary, Manager Legal, and Manager Finance.

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