Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bua Villagers Ban Alcohol

Serafina Silaitoga - Saturday, December 05, 2009

A DISTRICT in Bua has banned the drinking of alcohol to provide a safer environment for women and children.

The villagers of Naiviqiri, Nasau and Navaka in the district of Navakasiga are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages anywhere in the district.

Villagers who do consume alcohol outside the district are not allowed to re-enter until they are sober.

Naiviqiri village headman Etuate Roqica said the alcohol ban, piloted a few months ago, was aimed at providing a safe surrounding for all women and children in the area.

He said apart from that, chiefs and village headmen of the three villages wanted to prevent unnecessary trouble.

Mr Roqica said villagers who wanted to drink alcohol could do so outside the district boundary, which begins at Lekutu government station, about 45 minutes drive from Nabouwalu.

He said the action was prompted after reports of stabbing and women and children being threatened as a result of alcohol abuse.

Mr Roqica said it was the duty of heads of families and communities to make sure that women and children were well protected.

Villagers from the district usually depend on the sea, yaqona and dalo for income.

Well known rugby union player Rupeni Caucau hails from Nasau Village.

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