Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dreketi thanks State for effort

www.fijisun.com.fj - 18/11/2009

Government will only provide development assistance to those districts that take the first step in developing their communities, said a Macuata district representative said.

Dreketi district representative Ratu Meli Tamanilolo applauded Government’s effort in visiting the people at the grassroots level in the Northern division.

The district of Dreketi compromises of seven villages most of which are wholly dependent on fishing and subsistence farming for their livelihoods.

Ratu Meli said this is the first time under any government leadership that Dreketi has been visited by officials and also reaped benefits in terms of development.

In the past, Dreketi has been a slow developing district compared to a number of other districts around Macuata.

This has changed - after the Government intercepted.

Ratu Meli said a number of government-led development projects have been implemented in the past including rice farming, cocoa farming and aqua fisheries projects.

The most dominant of these have been the forestry related development projects.

“In Dreketi, Government’s service delivery has been immense,” said Ratu Meli.

In terms of water supply, two water projects for a village began at the beginning of this year.

In Nakanacagi Village, a $25,000 funded-water project got underway. This is also evident in Nabavatu Village.

Ratu Meli said in Nakanacagi, at list 10 houses are currently being built with Government’s assistance.

At Nasigasiga, chainsaws have been provided to villagers to help saw their timber to build their homes.

Also at Nakanacagi a $92,000 community hall project is underway.

“We urge all turaga ni vanua and mataqalis to properly utilise Government funded projects to uplift the living standards of the people,” Ratu Meli said.

“So it is our duty as people to see that these projects are maintained.

“We also receive training from various ministries, which has been very helpful for youths and women.

“Projects have helped our people invest in their talents such as house building, plumbing, agricultural and handicraft,” Ratu Meli added.

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