Sunday, July 5, 2009

Duty to Vanua at 82

82 and still climbing

Sailosi Lalakoro climbs a coconut tree at Tuatua, Labasa

AT the age of 82, Sailosi Lalakoro is his clan's top coconut tree climber.
Whether it is sold in the village or by the roadside, money earned from selling coconuts has helped supply Mr Lalakoro's daily needs, especially transportation costs to Labasa town.
The Dreketi native, from Nabiti Village in Macuata, who is head of the landowning unit of Naikorokoro, says he never gets tired climbing coconut trees, no matter how high.
During village functions, he is always on standby to speed up any tree trunk to fetch coconuts.
Mr Lalakoro said that every time he is requested to head a team of collecting coconuts, he humbly accepts and does the job. Serving his people and mataqali is paramount for him.
Apart from serving his people in village functions, Mr Lalakoro also sells coconut by the Dreketi highway, one and a half hours drive from Nabouwalu.


  1. Rachel SolivakasamaJuly 5, 2009 at 11:26 PM

    Vacavaya sa kaba bu rawa ga na qase ya sa sivi Co sara vata kei iko.

  2. Tiko vinaka o Co, ni rawa kaba niu balavu mai Tabaniya, dina ga ni varuataki na "bibi" e toka kina!!!