Monday, April 27, 2009

Tui Tavua to be Installed

Chief to be installed - Tuesday, April 28, 2009
A NEW Tui Tavua will be installed before the end of this year to replace Ratu Ovini Bokini who died early this year.
And Ratu Ovini's younger brother, Ratu Totivi Kama Ratu, is likely to fill the vacant position.
Tavua tikina representative Apisalome Ulusova said they were just following the wishes of Ratu Ovini who had always emphasised that chiefly titles must not be left vacant for too long.
"He raised it in the Bose ni Momo in 2007, that it is important that all chiefly titles are filled so that the people can be led to a clear direction," he said.
Mr Ulusova said the vanua of Bila was of the view there were bound to be a lot of problems if there was no paramount chief.
"A chief is a symbol of unity, everyone will listen to only one voice and there will be unity throughout the vanua," he said.
Mr Ulusova said the vanua had already considered who would succeed Ratu Ovini.
"We can't tell you right now, because the chiefly family has to sit and discuss the issue, the chiefly mataqali and the vanua will also make deliberations," he said. "The only thing I can confirm is that we will install our chief before the end of this year."
Mr Ulusova said Ratu Totivi replaced Ratu Ovini as the Tavua Tikina Council chairman and would also replace him at the provincial council.
The vanua o Bila on Saturday lifted the fishing ban placed on its qoliqoli to mark Ratu Ovini's death. And they will have the traditional vakataraisulu to mark the hundredth night of his passing on May 9 in Tavualevu.

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