Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NLTA Is The Solution Says Qarase

NLTA Is The Solution Says Qarase
21/08/2008 -
Ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase believes that the way forward to resolve the land issue is to ensure that all laws in relation to native lands are returned to the Native Land Trust Act(NLTA).Qarase agreed with the draft People’s Charter that the principal land issue is not about ownership but he does not agree that land ownership is fully protected under the Constitution.He believes the Native Land Trust Act is an entrenched legislation that can be amended by a small majority vote in the House of Representatives and in the Senate compared to the Agriculture Landlord and Tenants Act (ALTA) which will require a much greater majority vote for any amendments.Qarase said that landowners must know that there is much stronger legal protection for ALTA than NLTA as ALTA took away the key operating provisions of NLTA, thus weakening the Native Land Trust Board.This comes in response to Pillar Six of the draft People’s Charter which recommends making more land accessible for productivity and social purposes.

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