Monday, June 23, 2008

State action baffles Fijians

State action baffles Fijians - 6/23/2008

The indigenous and the business communities are baffled by the interim regime’s attempts to undermine Fijian businesses and institutions, says a political party.

President of the Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua Party Solomoni Naivalu says the interim regime is promoting anti-Fijian policies.

“It is clear that the interim administration is using its power derived from the barrel of the gun to promote the racist and anti-Fijian policies of the Fiji Labour Party,” said Mr Naivalu.

“The attempt over the last week to fiddle with the Board of Yasana Holdings and to orchestrate a hostile take-over of the Fijian Holdings with the collaboration of questionable people of other races, is only one of the many agendas of the FLP.”

He said it was interesting to note that among the people who stood to benefit from provincial developments that flowed out of the success of Fijian businesses like Fijian Holdings were the very Fijians on whose shoulders the burden and responsibilities of the military rested.

“They comprise no less than 99 per cent of its composition,” he said.

He said other FLP policies on land commissions, land use and renewal of sugar leases outside the Native Land Trust Act, had featured prominently in the FLP past manifestos since 1987.

He said the way these had been handled by the FLP had not gained favour with the Fijian people including the Great Council of Chiefs.

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