Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fijian Chiefs Installation Lagging

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

MORE than 3000 customary positions in Fiji are yet to be filled, the Native Lands and Fisheries Commission said.

In a statement it said installations were carried out depending on the call of the vanua, adding that there was no particular number of installations that could be carried out in a year.

The commission said there were four disputes that were yet to be settled this year.


  1. One of the installations in question would definitely have to be the title of the "Vunivalu kei Rewa"

    It ends with Ro Joni Mataitini, his brother Epeli Mataitini is already self appointing himself as Vunivalu kei Rewa but they know this ends with Ro Joni for the Mataitini family.

    My Mataqali of Nukunitabua will have to sit & sort this out including Mataqali land issues or we do what we do best.

    "Go Legal"

  2. My wish would be if the whole matter is amicably resolved for all concerned and in keeping with the dignity, history and status of this important title.