Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Clans install Tui Sabeto


Tuesday, December 18, 2007 - www.fijitimes.com

Sabeto Village had every reason to be jovial two weeks ago because they were finally installing the Na momolevu Na turaga Na Tui Sabeto Ratu Tevita Susu Mataitoga.

He succeeded his father, the late Tui Sabeto Ratu Kaliova Mataitoga who died a few years ago.

The appointment of the Tui Sabeto is done by the mataqali Bosali, not the kingmakers or the Sauturaga as in other traditions.

In most traditional outfits the chiefly clan would meet to have a meeting to decide who will be the next chief and inform the kingmakers.

For the vanua of Sabeto, the mataqali Bosali had the sole responsibility as the head of the clan and not the chiefly clan.

This installation of the new Tui Sabeto was unique because before the traditional ceremonies accorded to chief of such a high status, he was blessed as a commoner in the church among his people.

Whilst seeking blessing from the church, the new high chief Ratu Tevita also under took an oath to protect his people and uphold the teachings of the church.

Mataqali spokesman Eroni Lewaqai said during the special meeting of the mataqali Bosali to determine the next title-holder, young men or warriors are stationed outside to ensure that the meeting is not interrupted and things are done according to what the head of the mataqali says.

Once all that was in place on the bowl of yaqona that was served to him he made the announcement of who is the new Tui Sabeto, he said.

Whether or not you like the person appointed, you will just have to go with what was said. Once that is done we send out word to get all the other heads of the other mataqali in the area to convene at the same time.

We dont need their opinion of what the other mataqali have to say.

Then its decided when another meeting would be convened for the whole tikina of Sabeto, which comprises seven yavusa.

He said once all that was sorted out then duties were delegated out to everyone and their contribution.

He said the appointment and the date of the appointment were not negotiable.

Taukei Naevo Ratu Meli Saukuru

Chief implements stringent measures - www.fijivillage.com
The high chief of Dratabu village in Nadi has implemented some stringent measures in the village to ensure that they do not abuse alcohol and get into trouble during this festive season.

With the rise in stabbings and other violent crimes associated with increased consumption of alcohol over the past few weeks, the Taukei Naevo, Ratu Meli Saukuru stresses that funds used for alcohol can be put aside for other expenses especially the school items.

Ratu Meli feels that it is important that chiefs of the various villages take the first step to advise their people.

Taukei Naevo, Ratu Meli Saukuru.


  1. Vinaka for that. Looks like Fiji Times and Fiji Village need to have titles and references accurate before reporting on this item.

  2. The chiefly title the Tui Sabeto belongs to the Yavusa Nasara, mataqali Drakoro...they are also the Vunivalu and the Vunidra....

  3. na cava mutu tam mata kau cake ke ina vitarogi vanua tavu e tiki(VUNIDRA) ni kodaki e varau buli elia eri dau tarogia me mae lia leqwa e dodonu me lea nai tutu tam lai dani se rogo du mutu domo mei Nasara mae dau lai kwai me na city o lumuni DREAMZ A FREE

  4. can someone plz tell me who are the chiefly clan of the vanua of sabeto

  5. I a tara riki na cola. Lia boto na ka qi mata vece i vakemu na dau complain kawa. Matai me da va vinavina boto ro ni sa mei lia se sa mei buli e lia leqa na ledu momolevu na koi sabeto. I a mequ varaitakinia na tutu e dodonu se a ledru na mataqali va momo i navakalolo.so qi kerekere ko nagauna ni sa buli na momo vou me da sa kua ro na vileti se viba meda sa valiucia boto na leda momo vina o RATU TEVITA MATAITOGA qania muni meda biutia se numidania kece na ka sa oti qa meda sa dani ro i mata...so pliz people lets hold our hand together and move on to the bloody future...sa rautia ro na vagege.