Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ba Province Wants Early Election

Province wants early election

Marjority of the Ba provincial Council members want a quick return to democracy and the interim government to have an early election before 2010. Eighteen members out of the 22 tikina within the province supported the motion to have an early election and a quick return to democratic rule. This was after a delegation from the Ministry of Information informed members of the council the 11 criteria that had to be followed by the interim government before it could return to democratic rule. Tikina of Waya representative Peni Veidreyaki said members of the council should just follow what the interim government was doing so that “we can reach 2010, where a new election will be held and a new government comes in”.
“I think we should go with what the interim government has to say and remove corruption, as well as have proper investigations on allegations and give them time to take us to 2010 before the general election,” he said. However, this was not supported by some members who said it is only proper the country goes back to democratic rule. Some of the delegates raised concerns on how a delegation from the Ministry of Information would go out to the various tikina and explain to the people what the interim government plans to do. “Many things have been said and I hope when a team from the ministry goes out to villages on the tikina level, they will be able to explain cautiously what their plans are and point fingers at things or allegations at others,” said a member. Mr Veidreyaki said it was not right to talk about the interim government because there were police and military personnel at the meeting. Ba Provincial Council chairman Ratu Ovini Bokini asked members of the council if the motion to have an early election was supported or opposed. Three members of the tikina were against an early election while the rest of the 18 members supported an early election by the interim government.
The meeting continues today.

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