Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dear Commander 29-Dec-2006 - Dionisia Lewanavanua, Bau, Fiji.


I WOULD like to take this opportunity to utter a few words of gratitude to our self proclaimed President and current Commander of our military forces, Mr Frank Bainimarama. I would like to speak my mind about the current situation and show our brave and noble dictator how I’m feeling right now. Because of you Mr Bainimarama:
My mother has lost her job that she has been doing for the last 5 years;
My father’s pay has been reduced by half of what he was getting before all this happened;
My parents will not be able to send me to school next year because of financial problems;
I didn’t get to visit my grandparents in the village like I use to every single year during Christmas and New Year;
I will not get the opportunity to meet my cousins from overseas who were supposed to visit my family for Christmas and New Year; and
I didn’t get what I would have normally wanted for Christmas (gifts and presents);
Finally I would like to say that you Mr Bainimarama probably had a wonderful Christmas Day spending it with your family, friends and most of all your grandchildren.
I’m sure that they (your grandchildren) must have really enjoyed their Christmas receiving all those wonderful gifts and presents while me and thousands of other innocent children in Fiji had to go through Christmas without those special pampering. I’m sure that the good Lord will look down upon us all and comfort us in these times of need and most of all, in these times of misery.

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